2020 Pinewood Derby – Pack 61


The Details


Date: 3/22/20

Time: 11:30a-4p (11:30-noon check in – then we race!) Location: Edison Middle School


So how do you get ready? Well, there are a lot of resources at your disposal.


1.    Champ Camp – Local Scout Shops are hosting Champ Camp where:

a.    There are opportunities for scouts to design their car.

b.    They will be cutting cars out.

c.     They will also have knowledgeable PWD people to explain PWD tools, their uses, and other PWD racing secrets.

d.    They have a wide range of items for purchase to decorate cars with like decals, sound boxes, paint, and alternate color wheels.

e.    Locations:

i.    Naperville Scout Shop - 4S100 Rt. 59 Naperville, IL 60563 – 1/11, 1/18. 1/25

ii.     Lagrange Scout Shop - 811 W Hillgrove Ave, La Grange, IL 60525 – 1/11, 1/18

f.      More info at: https://www.scoutshop.org/pinewood- derby?utm_source=homepage&utm_medium=banner&utm_campaign=pinewood


2.    Car kits – The Den Leaders have the cars. If you haven’t received yours yet, please get with your den leader to pick them up. These are funded by Pack 61

3.    Other websites that can be helpful (among others, there’s lots of good stuff on the internet) are:

a.    wikiHow: How to Make a Pinewood Derby Racing Car

b.    https://boyslife.org/hobbies-projects/projects/2952/speed-secrets/

c.     https://boyslife.org/hobbies-projects/projects/138909/use-science-to-make-a-fast- pinewood-derby-car/


Competition and Awards


Cub Class Racing

·         All Cub Scouts will race their cars in this classic runoff with 1st - 4th place winners per rank. There will also be a runoff of all four 1st place rank winners for an “overall” category.

·         One car per scout (supplied by the Pack.)

·         Car construction rules apply to the BSA guidelines.

Sibling Racing

·         Siblings are invited to bring their own cars to the check-in table and register for the family racing. There will be heats calculated to determine the 1st - 4thplace winners for this class.

·         Sibling cars are provided by the Pack as well.

·         Car construction rules apply to the BSA guidelines except for the current year of construction. For example, cars raced in previous Pinewood Derby events can be registered to compete in this year’s family racing.

Appearance Awards


There are appearance awards (one per category) as follows:




Boy Scouts of America Pinewood Derby Rules



·         Each participant may enter one (1) car. The car should be built for the current year of competition and not raced in previous years. The Cub Scout needs to be present and in uniform for the car to compete.

o    Each year the Cub Scout should construct a new car and that cars are not used

from previous years. The scout should play an active role in the design and construction of the car. It is understandable that a younger scout will need more assistance from an adult and this is highly encouraged.

·         After registration, inspection, and weigh-in the car will be placed on the rank table. No further adjustments or modifications will be allowed.

·         A car losing a wheel or any part that prevents running cannot be repaired after the weigh-in.

o    EXCEPTION: Race officials may authorize repairs when damage is caused by a collision with another vehicle or object. Repairs must be completed within a limited time allowed by the Race Officials.


·         If a car leaves the track in two (2) consecutive races, it is disqualified.

o    EXCEPTION: When a car is caused to leave the track because of a collision with another car.


·         The cars will rest against a starting pin; it is advisable that they do not come to a sharp point in front. Due to a short starting pin, the front end should not be any higher than 1/4” above the axle line.

·         Only the official Cub Scout Grand Prix Pinewood Derby kit can be used.

·         Width – Overall width will not exceed 2-3/4”.

·         Length – Overall length will not exceed 7”. Wheels will not extend past the front or rear of the car body.

·         Width between wheels – Wil not be less than 1-3/4”.

·         Bottom Clearance – Clearance between car and track will not be less than 1/4”.

·         Weight – Will not exceed 5 ounces.

·         Wheels and axles – Only official current Cub Scout Grand Prix Pinewood Derby wheels and axles are permitted.

o    All wheels must have the raised BSA – PINEWOOD DERBY letters on the outside surface of the wheel.

o    You may not change the wheel dimensions. Wheels may not be rounded,

pointed, concaved, shaved or otherwise modified.


o    You may, however, sand the tread or tire contact area of the wheel to smooth out the rough spots.

o    Wheel bearings, washers, and bushings are prohibited.

o    The car will not ride on springs of any type.

o    Wheel covers or hub caps are prohibited, the head of the nail must be viewable for inspection.

o    The axles (nails) maybe polished and stamping imperfections removed but the shape and size of the axel may not be altered.

o    The recommended wheel and axle lubricant are dry, powdered graphite.


·         All cars will be freewheeling with no starting devices.

o    Magnets and slip weights are prohibited. All weights must be securely attached to the car.

·         Inspection: Each car must pass an inspection by the official Inspection Committee before it may compete. If a car does not pass inspection, the owner will be informed of the reason for failure and will be given a time within the official registration period to make adjustments.

·         Details such as steering wheel, a driver, and decals are permissible as long as these details do not exceed the width, length, height, clearance and weight specifications. All details must be securely attached to the car.




·         The axle grooves provided in the block of wood do not have to be used. The wheelbase may be extended but the wheels may not extend past the front or rear of the car body. Depending upon the track, the front of the car may rest against a short starting pin. We, therefore, require that the front of the car, which rests on the pin, is no higher than 1/4" above the axle line.




·         Dry powdered graphite is the suggested lubricant to use but not required. Many other lubricants have been used over time; however, graphite has been proven to work best.

·         Liquid lubricants may not be compatible with the plastic wheels and actually damage them. Our concern with lubricants is that anything other than dry graphite does not drop on the track affecting the operation of other derby cars.




·         Maximum allowable weight is 5 ounces. The scale used the day of the race and weight recorded will be considered “OFFICIAL”. Even though a car may have weighed at or under 5 ounces using the same scale at a previous race wear concerned with the weight on the current race day. Once a car meets weight it will be entered in the race line up and the car is not touched until is it brought to the starting line by the Cub. If the car is over-weight you will be allowed a limited number of opportunities to remove the excess weight and re-weigh the car in order to qualify for check-in.