Pack 61 Hiking Club



The hiking program will provide Pack 61 an opportunity to enjoy an outdoor activity that is healthful for boys, their families, and leaders.  Hiking throughout the year helps ready the Cub Scouts for Boy Scouts.



All members of Pack 61 are members of the Pack 61 Hiking Club.  Siblings are not members of the Hiking Club unless they are members of Pack 61.  Siblings are welcome to hike but are not able to earn miles.


Pack 61 Hiking Club Rules

1.  Hiking Mileage will be awarded only for Pack 61, Den, or Three Fires Council sanctioned events.

2.  Activities must be led by two adults including a trained leader.

3.  Individuals will not be credited for miles hiked on vacations, family outings, or other non-Pack related activities.

4.  One Den "neighborhood" hike for miles is allowed per year.  This rule is to prevent individual Dens from accruing mileage by "hiking the neighborhood" with no other purpose than to accrue hiking mileage.

5.  A Den or Pack may have multiple community service events within the neighborhood where hiking miles are awarded.  (Examples:  street clean-up, parade participation, etc)

6.  All hikes should have a purpose.  (Examples: explore a trail, perform a service, or theme hikes)

7.  All mileage that is earned must be reported to the hiking coordinator (Ken Gazarek) to receive credit.

8.  Awards will not be issued until the milestone has been met or exceeded.

Pack 61 Hiking Club Award Schedule



First Hike

Hiking Patch

10 miles

Brag Vest Segment

20 miles

Brag Vest Segment

30 miles

Brag Vest Segment

40 miles

Brag Vest Segment

50 miles

50 mile patch and Hiking Stick

60 miles

Red Feather

70 miles

Blue Feather

80 miles

Green Feather

90 miles

Yellow Feather

100 miles

White Feather, 100 Mile Patch

110 miles

Red Bear Claw

120 miles

Blue Bear Claw

130 miles

Green Bear Claw

140 miles

Yellow Bear Claw

150 miles

White Bear Claw, 150 Mile Patch

160 miles

Red Arrow Head

170 miles

Blue Arrow Head

180 miles

Green Arrow Head

190 miles

Yellow Arrow Head

200 miles

White Arrow Head, 200 Mile Patch

+200 miles

Red, Blue, Green, Yellow, White Eagle Claws and Mileage Patches as they are earned

All miles accrued as a Cub Scout will transfer to their Boy Scout Troop.


Supplies each person needs to bring along:

1.  Water on every hike. (think "green" and use a refillable water bottle)

2.  Clothing appropriate for the weather.  (hats, gloves, coats, and boots for       winter hikes)

3.  Medicine as needed. (inhalers, epi pens)

4.  Trail snacks